Trung tâm Thông tin xúc tiến Du lịch tỉnh Lạng Sơn

TAN THANH border gate market

About 30 km from Lang Son city, Tan Thanh border gate market is the biggest border markets in Lang Son.

Tan Thanh market was taken into use in early 2000. Compared to the other border gates, the goods are brought nearer the border than, more people in the local vicinity, both Vietnamese and Chinese are free traders.

At Tan Thanh border gate has many trading centers. Beside the 2 floors shopping centre, there are Hong Kong commercial centre  , the women world center and flea market Vietnam-China border. Due to the nature of exchange of goods between the two sides of the border, the market has both Vietnam and China items, the items are plentiful and diversity

The distance is not too far from the city of lang son, along with the product diversity, the market is always the ideal destination for shopping and sightseeing in lang son./.

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