Trung tâm Thông tin xúc tiến Du lịch tỉnh Lạng Sơn

Tourism Information Promotion Center built the package of tourism at Huu Lien ward, Huu Lung district.

Implementing the plan No.48/ KH-TTTTXTDL of Tourism Information Promotion Center of Lang Son on Assisting the Development of community tourism in Huu Lien, Huu Lung district. In April 2018 the center built the tourism package at Huu Lien ward. Perform this content, the center has conducted a survey of tourism attractions, tourism services in Huu Lien, conducting building tour, package tours to offer to travel companies.

Huu Lien Ward is a Region III ward of Huu Lung district. It is 25 kilometers to the North from the district center. During the past years, the government has attended and invested in this ward so the system of the inter-district road has developed. Moreover, Huu Lien has the reserve forest, provincial relics, village of minorities ethnic people…they are strengths to develop these types of tourism such as spiritual tourism, eco-tourism, and community tourism. Beside, Dong Lam is – a large area of hundred hectares with charming scenery, mountain caves, flat meadow in the middle with flowing stream. Every year, this place attracts thousands of young people and foreign tourist to visit.

Along with the natural ecology, the locality also has a temple which worships Tự Đức thánh Quý Minh Đại Vương. He is one of the three generals of the Court. He was named Thượng Đẳng Thần by the King.

In order to exploit the potential of tourism development of Huu Lien ward, from 2016, the Tourism Information Promotion center has collaborated with the Department of Culture and Information of Huu Lung district and Huu Lien authority surveyed points that could develop tourism. So far, the information center has built spiritual tours, ecotourism and community tourism which associated with surrounding areas; tour program from Lang Son city- Quan Giám Sát temple- Bắc Lệ temple – Hữu Liên reserved forest-, Huu Lien ward to the ATK bắc Sơn (Bắc Sơn safety zone).  Exploiting the potentials of tourism in Huu Lien is the right direction of local government, contributing to protecting the natural resources, promoting special cultural value, raising living standard and create jobs for local people.