Trung tâm Thông tin xúc tiến Du lịch tỉnh Lạng Sơn

Quynh Son Homestay Village

  1. Overview of Quynh Son Homestay village
Quynh Son Village is located  in Bac Son District and it is 80 kilometers southeast of the Lang Son city centre, along the 1B National road. The terrain is very special with many caves in the mountains, The Bac Son Mountains are calcareous in nature. Fertile valleys are framed by high mountain ridges, creating a scenic landscape. When visiting Quynh Son Homestay village, tourists can enjoy traditional House on stilts which are built with wood by the Tay people. The house on stilts is spaciuous with fresh air. It is harmonious with the landscape of the forest and paddy-field. Moreover, In Quynh Son, tourists will have opportunities to explore the unique cultural life of the Tay people through Then melodies, Tinh as well as enjoying culinary specialties…

2.     Sights
Typical historic sights include Quynh Son Temple (provincial architectural monument), Na Rieng Bridge (provincial historic monument), ancient banyan – tree, Tien – Fairy well, tile craft villages, primeval Nghien wood forests, and a village with traditional stilt houses …there are many adjacent sights of Quynh Son village such as primeval Nghien wood forests, Nong Luc Temple, Mỏ Nhài fort relic (built by the French colonialists from the first day they invaded Bac Son), Vũ Lăng school ( where guerrillas were trained in revolution-ary period), Tam Hoa lake, tangerine garden.
3. Culture – festival

Quynh son festival lasts two days on January, 12th and January 13rd ( lunar year) annually with plenty of traditional rituals and games as well as folk performances such as peace praying ritual, Tutelary God procession, Going to the field Festival (Long Tong Festival), human chess playing, swinging, Vi singing, Tan Dan dancing, Trau dancing… is also a typical cultural characteristic in Quynh Son people life

4.     Traditional Cuisine
In Quynh Son, typical traditional dishes are Black Chung cake ( to make black Chung cake, sticky rice is soaked carefully in ask water that made from burned rice trees and other plants then wrapped as traditional way), black steam sticky rice, local sausage, (Marinate red). There are also sour bamboo shoots, grilled catfish, and dishes made​from chicken, duck … Especially, there are Bac Son tangerine, a tasting and charming fruit which is grown in valleys and hills.
5.     Households doing homestay business
There are several Households doing homestay business, which can satisfy the needs of tourists with eating, sleeping and working on farm with the native people such as milling and pounding rice.
6.     The safety zones in the war time in Bac Son:.
On 12th, Sep, 2016 the Prime Minister signed Decision No. 2475 / QĐ-TTg which recognized Bac Son district as safety zones in the war time in Lang Son province. They used to be the ATK area during the period of French resistance war. Bac Son uprising – the first armed uprising was led by our Party was taken place in this area,Bac Son National Salvation Troop- the first armed forces was found here,too. Besides that, Safety zones in Lang Son were the place of training Politics and Military of  Vietnames Party.

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