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Phai Lua Festival (Rowing raft)

Phai Lua–rowing raft Festival is in Van Mich commune, Hong Phong Ward, Binh Gia District. It’s a unique festival which converges legend factors, beliefs, cultural and the spiritual of sports, martial. Phai Lua festival is taken place on 4th ,April, intercalary year-Lunar (every 3 years) at Bà temple-grandmother temple, Pò Ku commune and Ông temple-grandfather temple.

Base on the legend, Phai Lua Festival is held with a special meaning of  welcome the Snake God back to Van Mich Commune to visit parents and relatives in the commune. This Festival remind people to remember the Snake God’s merit, admire the extraordinary strength, along with willpower, high determination that defeated the wicked serpent monster. Regatta in Festival is to welcome, to memorize the day the Snakes go into the river to fight the Monster in order to keep the peace for villagers.

The Festival is organized into parts: the ceremony is the ritual worship Snake God by “Thầy Mo”, then the ritual procession of Snake God. After the ritual, the organizers conducted the opening introduction meaning of the Festival; This was followed by a performance by the non-professional artists, artisans of the district performed the Then melody and the Sli melody. In the afternoon took place traditional sport activities.

This is a Sport – Cultural festival attracts numerous people. To preserve the cultural value of this Festival, before the day of the Festival, the DPC session organization is set to discuss with the theme: “ enhancing value, the direction of conservation and promotion of Phai Lua Festival in Hong Phong commune”. This year, Binh Gia district will complete the profile to Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism to recognize the Festival, a heritage of National Intangible Heritage.