Trung tâm Thông tin xúc tiến Du lịch tỉnh Lạng Sơn

Lạng Sơn held the survey of learning Managerment Model, Community Tourism Development in Son La and Thai Nguyen Province

In order to study tourism experience to apply to community tourism in some localities of Lang Son province, from 14th to 17th ,July, 2018 the Lang Son tourism information promotion center held a survey and learning experience community tourism development in Son La and Thai Nguyen province. The survey team consists 32 menbers as officers of Tourism management department.Leaders, official of Tourism information promotion center; leader and officials of Department of Culture and Promotion center in Bac Son, Binh Gia district; Representatives of the leadership of Party committee, People’s Committee; officials of culture department, community tourism businessman of Vu Lang, Vu Le, Bac Son, Chien Thang and Mon An wards. This activity is planned to support the development of community tourism in Bac Son district in 2018. According to the plan, the team will visit Ban Ang, Dong Sang, Moc Chau district, combined visit some surrounding tourist products such as Tay Tien national relic area, Dai Yem waterfall ecological tourism area,…) and some tourist areas in Thai Nguyen.

The survey team has recorded a lot of experience building products typical tourist; how to mobilize organizations and individuals involved in the investment, development of tourism links; create tour and tour routes associated with art programs. Besides, the team visited and enjoy cuisines which imbued with nation identity, exchange the culture with the songs, tunes, dancing with local people.

Through the survey, the team members have access to practice, learn anf exchange, build the relationships link, cooperation for development of management, tourism propaganda, attract investment and experience in applying and developing communities tourism; Together with the preservation and promotion of cultural values of tangible and intangible of country, restore traditional festivals and folk arts; development of craft village…towards to the development of sustainable community tourism in the province, create jobs, raise income, improve living standards and morale of the local population.