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Mau Son Tourism

Mau Son mountain converges original factors of the natural landscape and biodiversity, from 500m to 1541m altitude. It is the homeland of wind, cloud and fog. About a hundred peaks combine consecutively to make an amazing Mau Son, look like wonderland on Earth. The climate in Mau Son is cool in summer. It is foggy, ice and snow in winter. This is an interesting destination in Lang Son. From Mau Son peak, the Northern view is an imposing scene of Vietnam- China border. Western view is Bac Son bow-shaped range of limestone. Eastern view is Na Duong-Loc Binh basin. In early XX century, The French found and explored  this area. Considering as a beautiful resting place like Sapa in the Noth-West and Da Lat in central highland.

Mau Son tourism zone belongs to 3 wards: Cong Son, Mau Son ward in Cao Loc district and the one in Loc Binh district with 10.000ha of the plan area. The central of this zone is 1.180m altitude. This is a wonderful place for resting and relaxing. The charm of this area is not only in beautiful landscape, fresh air but also original cultural-custom space of the Dao and the Nung ethnic people. Tourist can stay in houses which are built on the foundation of the French villa, imbued the ancient mix with forest, heaven and earth, enjoy reside temporarily service, cuisine, heath treatment, sightseeing, entertainment, etc,.

Phat chi mountain destination.

The area of Phat Chi mountain is about 100ha. It includes primitive forests and green steppe, different topography with the highest peak is 1020m, from 20 to 25 slope. Phat Chi mountain is situated on Cha mountain chain-Cong Son. It is the holy land of the Dao people with belief vestiges, the existent of legendary stories. This is one of the best ecological and belief tourism destinations. The natural landscape is beautiful with water-rail, orchid, ancient trees, mosses, lichens and beautiful weather-4 seasons in a day.

The holy zone- Mau Son ancient temple
Situating on the slope of Mother mountain-Mau Son with 1.119m altitude. The holy zone is about 100ha in large, the area of the ancient temple is about 500m2 with the carved architecture stone  which was sharpened and existed from middle of  X century to XIV century. This temple worships the God of  Mau Son mountain. He has merit in chang wasted land to cultivated area, protecting the country decisively, named “Duc Ton Than Cong Tinh, Quan Mau Hung Tran Dai Vuong, Thuong Dang Phuc Than”.
In the garden of the temple, There are vestiges of two big stone tombs. They were built from carved stone with skilful technology. There are stone doors, stone keys, stone walls with different size, weigh 10 tons. The sacrificial altar is situated on the top of the top of the mountain which embrace an area of the North-East.


Cultural community tourism

From the central of Mau Son tourism zone, tourist can visit the Dao commune who is living around the foot of the mountain, enjoy ethnic cuisine, learning about cultural-traditional activities of ethnic people which are preserved perfectly. Tourist also sees the peach blossom forest, ancient green tea, orchids, valuable mushrooms, to gaze with veneration at ancient trees in the primitive forest and Mau Son animal- flora, visiting alcohol installation. It is very interesting in exploring streams with pouring water cover the carved stone or conquer slopes, high waterfalls into Mau Son forest.

forest lemon

Forest lemon is the special fruit in Mau Son. The foliage is large with the big leaf. However, the fruit is small and tasty. The lemon trees have fruit around the year. Forest lemon is soaked to use in the meal. It is also a kind of natural medicine to stop a cough or cold.

Six spurs cock

The appearance of  Mau Son six spurs cock look like wild fowl or small breed of fowl. However, It has six yellow sharpen spurs on its foot. They only can live and produce in Mau Son so it becomes the special meal of Mau Son mountain. It is important in cuisine and biodiversity. Especially, the longer cock lives the more spur they have. Some cocks have from 9 to 10 spurs.

Mau Son wine
Mau Son wine is made from rice-plant on milpa and ferment leaf. Base on the special natural condition and experience of the Dao people, Mau Son wine is cooked well. It is a popular culture and activity of local people. The wine contains  rice flavor, characteristics of ferment leaf. The wine tastes spicy, sweety and cool. No headache happen after drink.

The Dao bath medicine

An experience handed down from generation to generation among broad masses of Dao people, the Dao people will climb up to the mountain to find the medicine plant on the last day of the year. They cook the medicine to take a bath and push the stress away. They will have a good heath to welcome the new year. The medicine recipe contains 36 herbs with the blood circulation and reduces pain effect. It is also good for bone and digestive system. Tourist should enjoy the cheery feeling in the herbal bathtub of  Dao people in Mau Son when you tired.

The forest honey

The flower-diversity, the industrious and clever of the bee and the characteristic Mau Son climate made a special- attractive natural product. The longer honey is kept, the more delicious it is. It is a component of  value natural medicines which are good for digestive system, strengthen vital force, prevent canker and suitable for any age.

Nowadays, salmon is listed on the menu. It becomes a special dish for both domestic and international tourist when they come to Mau Son. Salmon can be processed for the different dish. Such as; raw salmon, hot pot, congee, fish-egg steam, smoked salmon, salmon with orange sauce and green pepper served with vegetable salad, salmon stuff into cucumber of grill salmon, etc., they make an attractive flavor of Mau Son salmon that tourist can not forget.

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