Lang Son Tourism Promotion Information Center

Tourism Overview of Lang Son

Lang Son – the frontier area of the country, with an area of 8.305,21km2, with 231.74km of border line adjoin to the Zhuang Autonomous Region, Guangxi – China, with 02 international gate of rail and road, 01 main gate and 09 side gates. Convenient transportation system both on rail and road routes. There are highways such as 1A, 1B, 4A, 4B, 279 linking Lang Son province in the country and abroad.

Lang Son has the population of more than 75 thousand people, is home to the convergence of ethnic group with the Tay, the Nung, the Kinh, the Dao, the Hoa, the H’Mong, the San Chay with the customs, habits, festivals, folksongs, Then melody, Luon melody,… fascinated people, moutainous markets, color of traditional costumes, the folk-song imbued with national identity…

Lang Son is the region has much potential to develop tourism in the thickness associated with traditional cultures, religion, beliefs with more than 300 unique traditional festivals. The province is endowed with many scenic, interesting caves such as Tam Thanh, Nhi Thanh, To Thi mountain… Besides, associated with the process of building and defending the country, Lang Son has more than 600 historical and revolutionary relics such as Chi Lang Edge, The Mac Citadel… Lang Son has been well known as the land of  potentials and advantages of Spiritual tourism with system of temples, pagodas along the province such as Bac Le temple, Ky Cung – Ta Phu temple, Mother Dong Dang temple, Tan Thanh pagoda, Thanh pagoda…There is also a beautiful countryside with immature water of the Ky Cung river.

Lang Son has the cool climate all around the year, is favorable for the development of eco-tourism and resort such as Mau Son and Chop Chai tourist area… Tropical climate create special products of Lang Son which are very rich and unique such as Star anise, Mac mat, Chi Lang custard-apple, Mau Son peach…Lang Son cuisine  is well known such as Roasted-duck, Roasted-pork, Khau Nhuc, Sour noodle… are recognized as special and attractive cuisine of Viet Nam.

About the facilities, engineering are also on rich and diversify. System of accommodation and tour business operations are invested and upgraded incresingly, create positive changes to attract more and more tourist come to Lang Son. Currently, Lang Son has 5 tour agencies, more than 200 accomodation facilities. Overall, in recent years the tourism business enterprise in the field of tourism and service activities efficiently and brought income, stable job for employer in the province. Through the actual business activities, by the experience, with the advantages of local, especially the context of intergration and development between regions and international intergration, to buseness effectively, to dominate and expand the market, each agency has advocated the strategic direction and development to maintain constantly growing. Specifically: in 2012 total passengers: 2.016.560 visitors, tourism revenue 799 billion VND. In 2016 total passengers: 2.510.500 visitors, tourism revenue 860 billion VND, has contributed positively to promote the social and economy of Lang Son.

With such conditions, the province identified as potential tourism development, in recent year the Party Committee, People Council, People’s Committee has avocated for the development of tourism the province’s tourism development master plan phase 2010 – 2020 and vision to 2030, the directive, resolution, thematic and programme of action on speeding up the development of tourism in Lang Son “ Lang Son tourism development with strong potential to quickly become a key economic sector of the province, contribute to accelerate the process of economic restructuring, improve the efficiency and  competitiveness of economy. Toursim development must create strong links between economics, culture – social; must be links to the preservation and promotion of traditional, ethinic culture identities; combine the protection and improvement of the ecological environment; maitaining political security, social safety and order”. Step by step, bring Lang Son became a center and an impotant place of trade exchange in the northern region, making Lang Son became a lively tourist center, attract not only internal tourist and Chinese but also more tourist from Eastern European to Lang Son.

With the strong potentals, Lang Son desire to expand cooperation for tourism development with other provinces; attracting abudant capital from domestic and foreign investors to turn the potential into relity, believing that will create upward spurt in the coming years