Lang Son Tourism Promotion Information Center

Spring Festival in Lạng region.

Lạng Sơn- the border area of the Country where Vietnam Minority Ethnic people are living such as, the Nung, the Tay, the Kinh, the Dzao, the Hoa, the H’mong and the San Chay,etc. It is the hometown of interesting and attracting festivals. Experiencing thousand years of building and defending the country, Lang Son Ethnic people created a rich and diversified culture. From the cradle of its cultural, the festivals in Lang Son are considered as an important factor with characteristic and original.

Lang Son festivals are multiple and deversfiel. Especially, it contains both Vietnames traditional and individual aspect of Lang region.Normally, festivals in Lang Son are taked place in spring time, from January to April (Luna year). Festivals contain the tern of building and defending a comfotable life. Beside the spiritual and historical values, festivals in Lang Son also contain a deeply cultural and tourism values.